Reflexive [adjective]

Definition of Reflexive:

automatic; not done willingly

Opposite/Antonyms of Reflexive:

Sentence/Example of Reflexive:

And reflexive: con him land geare, knows the land well, 2063; pl.

The termination uba is that of the third person of reflexive verbs.

Farrell could not have said, later, whether his next move was planned or reflexive.

You can readily distinguish between the reflexive and the emphatic use.

The compound personal pronouns have two uses, reflexive and emphatic.

If the idea is reflexive, it is better to use sin-, otherwise mem-.

The Reflexive of the Third Person serves for all genders and for both numbers.

The reflexive is frequently used as a substitute for the passive.

The reflexive pronoun, so common with verbs of motion, is redundant.

Si is a reflexive pronoun of the 3rd person, and therefore cannot refer to the pronouns of the 1st and 2nd persons.