Reflux [noun]

Definition of Reflux:

regression; decline

Opposite/Antonyms of Reflux:

Sentence/Example of Reflux:

Flux and reflux, the fire and the water, the water and the fire!

An old word, signifying the reflux of the waves by the force of the wind.

From it and to it, in endless flux and reflux, the life blood goes.

It tends to make and to break fortunes, by the flux and reflux of paper.

At Kulnah,62 indications of flow and reflux of the tide were evident.

The reflux of the tide exposes some of the aquatic animals of the period.

Still it is but the beginning, and there will be a reflux before the stream sets in.

The ebb and flow of these questionings is eternal, as the flux and reflux of the sea itself.

Would the hawser reach across this flux and reflux of death?

We admit of these causes after the first cause, the motion of the flux and reflux, and of the sea from east to west.