Reformist [adjective]

Definition of Reformist:


Opposite/Antonyms of Reformist:

Sentence/Example of Reformist:

Such is the language of reform, and the spirit of a reformist!

The Reformist faction of the Spanish party also, though not so readily, approved it.

Contains many articles by Revolutionary and Reformist Syndicalists, strong syndicalist leanings.

Many bishops declare themselves partisans of the reformist doctrines.

Thus the “revolutionary” socialists were approaching the reformist elements composed of Broussists and of Independents.

The proposition of the Textile workers was combated by revolutionary and “reformist” syndicalists alike.

The rumor that the “reformist” syndicats would leave the Confederation circulated more persistently than before.

But it was passed in a hurry, as there was no time to discuss it, and it raised strong opposition among the “reformist” elements.

Contains many articles by revolutionary and reformist syndicalists.

Every legislative assembly is constantly besieged by the professional lobbyists of a swarm of reformist crowds.