Reforms [verb]

Definition of Reforms:

correct, rectify

Opposite/Antonyms of Reforms:

Sentence/Example of Reforms:

The reforms that he pointed out to me were, and still are, very necessary ones.

But I'm sure that if any reforms worth while are to be made, we've got to see just where we are.

I set no limit, suggest no reforms, urge no cutting down or cutting out.

A number of reforms are needed within the province of railroad management.

He considers the law inadequate to bring about the reforms needed.

It came about as a result of the reforms under the new régime.

Fortunately, he had a still greater contemporary to carry on his reforms.

In the struggle for reforms we have the great middle class with us.

Most heartily yours for woman suffrage and all other reforms.

I think it is always wiser not to begin violently with changes and reforms.