Refracting [verb]

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“Well, I hope it will refract some of the gold when we get there,” said Mark.

Because they refract the rays of light in the same manner as the rain drops.

Because the light vapours of the air, which are condensed as the sun sets, refract the rays of light, and produce red rays.

Ions in the air act like drops of mist; they refract sunshine and make rainbows after rain.

In the mean while another Prism abc is to be fixed next after that hole g, to refract the trajected Light a second time.

Nevertheless they are quite sufficient to interfere with and refract the light rays and to split them up prismatically.

Its rays pass through prisms formed so as to refract impinging light into desired paths with but little loss.

In the Phædrus, which is the supplement of the Symposion, he made it refract something approaching the splendor of truth revealed.

We see, then, that the effect which a fog produces is mainly to refract the light rays.