Refractory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Refractory:

He bid me tell you so, when he went out, if I found you refractory.

She tugs and pulls, and thumps the refractory thing on the floor.

Together and with whisperings, they fidgeted with the refractory catch.

Grace, who was struggling with a refractory window, paused for breath.

James was a refractory and disobedient child from the very cradle.

Brook shook his head and began to refill his refractory pipe.

She evidently dreaded a meeting with her refractory teacher.

The porters were not always easy to manage, and on some occasions were refractory.

No temper is exactly sunny after a struggle with a refractory engine.

The most refractory of chemical compounds can be broken up by that heat.