Refrigerant [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Refrigerant:

Diuretic, febrifuge, and refrigerant; one half to one ounce.

It is a consideration, Sir Poet, which may serve as a refrigerant for their ardour.

Astringent and refrigerant; highly extolled in chronic dysentery, diarrha, English cholera, and relaxations generally.

In these cases the application of refrigerant or sedative lotions, baths, &c., generally proves of much advantage.

This serves as a refrigerant bath for the experiments to be made.

The last two are refrigerant, but their use is objectionable, especially for patients who labour under the oxalic diathesis.

It is also used in medicine as a sedative, refrigerant, and diaphoretic, and as a cooling diuretic.

The last (diluted solution) is employed as a sedative, refrigerant, and astringent wash, in various affections.

Alcohol Baths:—The action of alcohol upon the surface of the body is that of a refrigerant.

If the inflammation is severe, take a purgative and use a refrigerant lotion.