Refugee [noun]

Definition of Refugee:

person running from something, often oppression

Synonyms of Refugee:

Opposite/Antonyms of Refugee:

Sentence/Example of Refugee:

Some said his father was a Russian refugee, his mother a Mongol woman.

He had no wish to provoke a conflict, but he had no thought of surrendering the refugee.

His father was a refugee from France, and desired to let a part of his house.

Never mind, I'll pay you as much as a refugee—within reason.

Mr. Grindrod and I engaged in reading together "The Refugee."

An exile in London—“a refugee,” as it is termed—he scarce knew what to do.

There was comfort in this—the others must also wait, and the refugee could not go far.

He was a refugee, after all, and only too anxious to go into hiding for a few weeks.

"Nothing at all—a refugee is not supposed to have belongings," replied his wife.

It was communicated to him by M. de Vgobre, a French refugee.