Refunded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Refunded:

And if the cat fall short in any of these particulars, a third of her price had to be refunded.

The money could be refunded, and the costs paid—somehow that can all be managed.

My outlay, however, was all refunded from this appropriation.

It is but just to state that when this fact was discovered, by the committee the money was refunded.

It represents now, of course, a remnant of our war debt, not refunded.

But even after so much had been recovered, the residue to be refunded was appalling.

The day had come when the bond fell due and the money had to be refunded.

They suggested in obscene terms that their money be refunded.

A few months afterwards he confessed his guilt and refunded the full amount.

He came to me to say so; therefore, I infer that it has in some private way been refunded to him.