Refurbished [verb]

Definition of Refurbished:

spruce up

Synonyms of Refurbished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Refurbished:

Sentence/Example of Refurbished:

A close, quick scrutiny, and the girl had recognised her refurbished jewel.

But Casa Grande, I have been realizing, will have to be refurbished for its coming guest.

At a certain date a new god was added to the Society-Island Olympus, or an old one refurbished and made popular.

He walked resolutely to the control room, riding the crest of his refurbished dignity.

Most of the images have been refurbished, which means radically brightened, whitened, and sharpened.

The statues, his refurbished beard, and his rehaired head had relieved the pressure somewhat, but the vanity was still sore.

But the machinery for suppressing thought had always a tendency to rust in England; it had to be refurbished.

Cloyne Cathedral, though restored and refurbished, has some resemblance left of its former outlines.

It is not a wide street, but it is busy and brisk, and it has a refurbished look like newly scoured metal.

He refurbished his arms, rubbed up his strategy, laid down his lines of defence.