Refurnished [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Refurnished:

After we left it, Hampden was restored, beautified, and refurnished.

It had been done up since then, refurnished, and almost completely altered.

But those rooms are really just refurnished for exalted guests.

It had been refurnished and embellished now: but the room was the room still.

All the same the house was very old-fashioned, and it sadly needed to be refurnished.

No one has occupied these rooms since they were redecorated and refurnished.

Pickering's was refurnished, and the stringency of its rules re-established.

She refurnished the house, and surrounded him with comforts.

The old house had been repaired, modernized, refurnished and repainted.

Mr. Lumsden of Portoran had refurnished his Manse, in a style which utterly scandalized Mrs. Bairnsfather.