Refutations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Refutations:

He could assert now, without fear of refutation, that Stryker had lied.

What should be the climax of a triumphant argument becomes its refutation.

For now, as always, I am unequal to the refutation of not-being.

The conclusion at which we must arrive is that the Parmenides is not a refutation of the Eleatic philosophy.

How then, without a word of explanation, could Plato assign to them the refutation of their own tenets?

Why, Mr. President, the Senator's own speech is a refutation of its own argument.

He turned on his heel, disgusted at this refutation of his theories.

But it is false as it is foul, and carries its own refutation on its face.

The hard eyes of the outlaw challenged a refutation of his claim.

They had best be stated here, that the life which follows may serve as their refutation.