Refutes [verb]

Definition of Refutes:

prove false; discredit

Opposite/Antonyms of Refutes:

Sentence/Example of Refutes:

Unconsciously his whole practice began to refute his theories.

Traditions these which I mean not either to confirm with arguments of my own or to refute.

And his sense of truth did not permit him to try to refute her accusation.

I shall go back and refute that common scoffer, that caster of doubts.

Neither did I tell you just now to refute me, said Dionysodorus; for how can I tell you to do that which is not?

But how can I refute you, if, as you say, to tell a falsehood is impossible?

And therefore he would have his friends examine and refute him, if they think that he is in error.

Say rather, beloved Agathon, that you cannot refute the truth; for Socrates is easily refuted.

I cannot refute you, Socrates, said Agathon:—Let us assume that what you say is true.

And I hope that refute me you will, and not weary of doing good to a friend.