Refuting [verb]

Definition of Refuting:

prove false; discredit

Opposite/Antonyms of Refuting:

Sentence/Example of Refuting:

How can you think that I have any other motive in refuting you but what I should have in examining into myself?

It is particularly employed in refuting the errors of Aristoxenus.

Not satisfied with refuting, they sought to annihilate an opponent.

He made no phrase about refuting the theory—he simply refuted it.

But this is in fact eluding the observation rather than refuting it.

Do you think that, if there were any way of refuting the charges, I should be silent?

Now the first alternative is so ridiculous, that it is really not worth while refuting it.

Cardinal Bellarmine then appeared, refuting Barclay's ideas of kingship.

This I might say for the sake of refuting these most frivolous objectors.

So reasoned the Deists of the 18th century in refuting the Atheists.