Regaining [verb]

Definition of Regaining:

get back, get back to

Synonyms of Regaining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regaining:






Sentence/Example of Regaining:

He had suffered himself to regain something of his old cheerfulness of manner.

The Duke wanted a capable candidate to help him regain his ascendency.

But at present I cannot regain my old self, I can only obey my impulses.

She now suffered him to regain courage, by winning back some of his own money.

The half-minute or so of talk had enabled him to regain his breath.

He remained silent for a few moments, that she might regain her composure.

The anger of the Bishop of Montreal was necessary to enable me to regain my good humour.

However, they had to regain their seats in all haste so as to witness the fifth act.

If you wish to regain your own liberty, you will have to see that they have theirs.

With the odds against him, Tom started in to regain the lost ground.