Regal [adjective]

Definition of Regal:

fit for royalty

Synonyms of Regal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regal:


Sentence/Example of Regal:

Would you not like to be buried with regal honour, in your native Clazomenæ?

The next cast—ah, the pride of it, the regal splendor of it!

When the "herb-man" came, she turned him away from the door with a regal courtesy.

That day she laid aside her regal robes and began her search for Proserpina.

Of the regal army of three hundred men that hastened to Cattraeth, Alas!

A salute of six muskets was fired in honor of the regal visit.

If Dan had expected it to reveal a regal magnificence, he was disappointed.

Regal is an offspring of Lindley, which it greatly resembles.

She was constructed, she was erected, as it were, with a regal lavishness.

He had always known her beautiful; tonight she was regal beyond comparison.