Regality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Regality:

Here love of Spartan simplicity, and there of splendour and regality and monarchism?

The lands of Balmadie are in the lordship and regality of Abernethy.

There was a confusion of regality, displeasure, and grim humour in her attitude.

His costume was strange, but very striking, and gave him a regality of appearance.

This, I am sorry to say, was his usual mode of asserting his regality when he thought his dignity was in danger.

The building adjoining the tower to the east was called the Regality Court-house, and had a groined ceiling.

Richard answered that he promised readily all that was asked, "if only it be consistent with the regality of my Crown."

Yet did not his Successors durably inherit that scruple, but some were anointed, and solemnly accepted the Diadem of regality.

But 'the Moon's regality will hear no praise'—well then, will she hear blame?

Many of them had invested the caucus with the dignity of mystery, with a certain pomp and regality.