Regardful [adjective]

Definition of Regardful:

attentive, observant

Synonyms of Regardful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regardful:

Sentence/Example of Regardful:

Even in the exterior of the gift, she had been regardful of his taste.

We are so wise in America, so interested in our fellowman, so regardful of his welfare.

And upon the other hand privations make us regardful of others.

But if we may not probe too deeply into primal causes, we may still be regardful of the effects.

He understands me as well as a man can understand a girl, and he is regardful for me always.

But he was learned in the law, and regardful of his position as a just and discriminating judge.

His attitude on slavery was typical of the men at the North who were at once humane and regardful of the established order.

Freckles watched him with regardful eye and saw at last that he was completely exhausted.

Why had she not helped him in his devices, fallen into his plans, been regardful of his fortunes, and made herself one with him?

I have not wanted good words, and exceeding kind and regardful usance.