Regardless [adjective]

Definition of Regardless:

indifferent, unconcerned

Synonyms of Regardless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regardless:

Sentence/Example of Regardless:

They did what they wanted to do regardless of how it affected their neighbours or their friends.

Regardless of possibly near-by elk, I raised a frightened, yell.

Solon, regardless of his cooling kitchen, stood at the door and watched her.

But Mary, regardless of maternal cacklings, sped after the doctor as he turned his horse.

Good-night,’ and marched off to bed, regardless of the ‘Walking too fast!

Thereupon he proceeded, regardless of my entreaties, to prevent me learning it.

The classification of freights applies to all the lines, regardless of class.

Regardless of them, she threw her arms round my neck and kissed me.

He urged the chauffeur to follow it up closely, regardless of consequences.

She stooped and emptied them, regardless of the pink and white flooring of the shop.