Regards [noun]

Definition of Regards:

best wishes

Synonyms of Regards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regards:


Sentence/Example of Regards:

A child has a right to finality as regards its compulsory lessons.

When a man finds that a woman can reason,—do anything but feel,—he regards her as a menace.

In what does not regard the possession of her, concedo; but in what regards it, nego.

The Lyce competes formidably with the convents as regards fees.

"Give Mrs. Bowlder my regards," said the journalist, comprehending the symbolism.

He was a young man quite above the average as regards intellect.

The region beyond him he regards from this vantage-ground of unquestioned security.

And this is true both as regards physical and moral effects.

It does not make money an idol, but regards it as a useful agent.

It is a part of the patriarchal custom which regards women as property.