Regenerating [verb]

Definition of Regenerating:

breathe new life into

Synonyms of Regenerating:

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Sentence/Example of Regenerating:

And the Irish people must be allowed to regenerate themselves.

"You say you're regenerated—go ahead and regenerate the church," he said.

When God wants to regenerate the world, He begins with the family.

It is something that was born into the world, not to please it but to regenerate it.

He made the moth his starting-point in seeking to regenerate the race.

Every regenerate soul is by one Spirit baptized into this one body.

Now, how, just how, do the remainders of sin in the regenerate try their love?

He came to regenerate the individual, and not, primarily, society.

The question is, whether the East End will ever regenerate him.

It may stimulate and delight his faculties, such as they are, but it cannot regenerate them.