Regiment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Regiment:

There is an officer in this regiment of the name of Chatterton?

In the interim, the Colonel sent one day to know if he would drill the regiment.

A regiment which had left Fort Colburne was said to be on the road to reinforce them.

I did not know how to read as well as a lot of the schemers who were in my regiment.

The barrel of beer is in the corner but it is sacred as the honour of the regiment!

The wisdom of putting the regiment into the hands of the sergeant was now shown.

There was no interruption this time, and early in the morning the regiment was up and away.

An Ohio regiment, which can also deal with Slade if it catches him, will defile to the left.

Dick slipped back to his regiment, and lay down, but again could not sleep.

Behind him trailed the Winchester regiment, now reorganized and mounted.