Regional [adjective]

Definition of Regional:

characteristic of a region

Synonyms of Regional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regional:


Sentence/Example of Regional:

They sat at all the meetings of National and Provincial and Regional committees.

When you took on Hovercraft, you were thinking in terms of a regional dispute.

The problem had been viewed as local or regional during the seventies.

A change of method, then, has given us General and Regional Anatomy.

It was the voice of an educated man with the regional softening of vowels.

I have no recommendations for an overall solution, or even a regional one.

It may conduce to clearness if we speak of these movements as regional.

Each phase of the regional school of Gothic can be found in Angers.

The other regional sample are close to the general condition.

A regional trend follows the same curve as that for stature.