Regions [noun]

Definition of Regions:

area, domain; scope

Synonyms of Regions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regions:

Sentence/Example of Regions:

The mere concept takes him into regions in which he feels uneasy.

He would willingly have accompanied her on the wings of a cloud to the regions of fancy.

Polygamy is practised in these regions in its utmost latitude.

Where but in the regions beyond could such questionings as Hamlet's be put to rest?

And so I found it as long as the regions of childhood and youth detained me.

He himself thought that the regions he had crossed were valueless.

I may describe to you, however, the form and regions of the earth according to my conception of them.

There was some applause from the pit and the regions overhead.

Already they were heard bellowing for help from unseen regions upstairs.

Nevertheless, the regions have much in common in their environment.