Registrar [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Registrar:

Did she tell you she had the joyful sanction of the registrar?

We would never have dreamed of defying the registrar, would we, Emma?

What was said in the registrar's office, Emma, or aren't you at liberty to tell me?

It is rather too late in the day for you to see the registrar.

A marriage in a church is a lot prettier than one in a Registrar's office!

The visit to the registrar's office had been short and unimpressive.

The Registrar returns the numbers for 1916 at 1,427 small holders.

"I was speaking of the Registrar's salary," said Haire, half testily.

"That is truly a weighty matter off my mind," smiled the registrar.

I will marry you at the registrar's office and part from you the moment the ceremony is completed.