Registry [noun]

Definition of Registry:

place where records are stored

Synonyms of Registry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Registry:


Sentence/Example of Registry:

The lying that goes on in the Registry Court would astonish Englishmen.

He had offered it to her on coming out of the Registry Office, and she had accepted it silently.

There is much opposition to the enactment of a registry law.

A young fellow that my groom got at a servants' registry office.

I could not do so, being merely the proprietor of a Servant's Registry Office.

You can go up to the Registry of Probate, and read the will yourself.

She was not a very large ship—not over 500 tons by registry.

There was no ship of that company and registry listed as sailing tonight.

They get them from a registry office a long way off so that they shouldn't know.

I need not say that my registry was kept with the greatest care.