Regressive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Regressive:

He had conquered his regressive tendencies and his speech was improving.

In so far as sleep is psychologically determined, it is a regressive phenomenon.

The double work-support is, of course, a great improvement, while the tool-support is regressive since it lacks a feed screw.

Whether in regressive or progressive series, each to-day presents a case of arrested development.

Sanity and insanity are, roughly speaking, states where progressive or regressive thinking rule.

The above are more or less a priori reasons for regarding the stupor as a regressive reaction.

The frequency with which the delusion of mutual death occurs in stupor is another evidence of its regressive psychology.

This regressive metamorphosis—for I cannot style it otherwise—is rare but not without examples.

Activity is, therefore, not contradictory to the organism, but favors in it the natural progressive and regressive metamorphosis.

The conflict, however, played itself off in his dreams, offering a solution of a regressive type.