Regretful [adjective]

Definition of Regretful:

sad, sorry

Synonyms of Regretful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regretful:

Sentence/Example of Regretful:

But he only gazed at her with a thoughtful, regretful perplexity.

The handsome Cardinal was suave, courtly, regretful, but firm.

“That is quite true,” agreed the other, with a regretful sigh.

"That is most unfortunate," replied the Count, in a regretful tone.

Naturally, that at first made him regretful, and later it made him jealous.

"I am just too sorry for any use at all," returned Fred, looking anything but regretful.

She was amused by Gwendolyn, but regretful that the visit had been timed just then.

Bela let him have it with a regretful look at the thick, bright hair.

"But I weary thee," he said, suddenly, as if regretful of the time he had wasted.

We would be regretful if that were to occur, but there is nothing of the sort possible.