Regrets [noun]

Definition of Regrets:

upset over past action

Opposite/Antonyms of Regrets:

Sentence/Example of Regrets:

In response to cards, I get "regrets," or women simply stay away.

Regrets Mrs. Howe's forbidding the correspondence between them.

One regrets that he could not have lived to have seen it perfected.

Regrets were universal; but perhaps he gained by his disgrace.

Why should I cumber myself with regrets that the receiver is not capacious?

My regrets are infinite that she has persisted so long in her disguise.

Regrets, unavailing regrets, are the poorest companions possible.

Pray condescend to convey my regrets to the faithful—what is her name?

My regrets for him went near to giving me the resolution that I lacked.

And it increases my regrets that I did not break his neck as I intended.