Regrettable [adjective]

Definition of Regrettable:

unfortunate, wrong

Synonyms of Regrettable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regrettable:

Sentence/Example of Regrettable:

At the time of the regrettable accident she was with her aunt, and doubtless remains there.

The first week dragged to its close in this regrettable fashion.

It is a regrettable fact that I hesitate to kill any one in cold blood.

It was regrettable that she and Eric knew so few people in common.

It is regrettable that he condensed it because we do not know what was 42 left out.

That the League should have failed of its purpose is regrettable.

If I remain any longer I shall be making mad, regrettable proposals.

The incident is regrettable, but the emergency was dealt with—in time.

There has been a regrettable confusion of identities, which I will ask you to forget.

A regrettable incident, here and there, but of very slight importance.