Regrettably [adverb]

Definition of Regrettably:

dangerously, critically

Synonyms of Regrettably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regrettably:

Sentence/Example of Regrettably:

He was dressed as regrettably as usual, this time in parts of two lounge-suits.

Regrettably, before the end of the day, the situation deteriorated.

And who most regrettably to themselves and to us, I hope I may say, are not with us to-day.

Deaths were regrettably few; and resignations could hardly be expected.

Acton was, from her point of view, regrettably contented with his commercial status in the new and crudely vigorous West.

This idea proved so exciting that the luncheon of which he partook was (for a birthday) regrettably small.

The latest argument is that Handel shows moral obliquity in borrowing “regrettably” from sources no one could know at the time.

But there is hardly an anatomist or an anthropologist who has not had his say upon this regrettably very incomplete remnant.

I know that his views are regrettably latitudinarian, and that his attitude is far from conciliatory towards the Church.

This retirement imposes a regrettably necessary decision on the President of the Republic and the Government.