Regretted [verb]

Definition of Regretted:

be upset about

Synonyms of Regretted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regretted:

Sentence/Example of Regretted:

Otherwise I may behave in a manner to be regretted in my calmer moments.

Strange as it seemed, they regretted that he had not been able to make his break across the mountains.

They regretted nothing, although their sorrow seemed greater than they could bear.

He regretted to say that the book was not selling so well as he had hoped it would sell.

No one could esteem him while living, and no one regretted him when dead.

He regretted, of course, deeply, this unfortunate misunderstanding.

"So you have often regretted not being able to read," said Cornelius.

He regretted that he had never learned the American language.

He only regretted that he knew of no way by which he could move mountains.

In his old age he regretted that he had not completed his task.