Regretting [verb]

Definition of Regretting:

be upset about

Synonyms of Regretting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regretting:

Sentence/Example of Regretting:

I gave way to my despair, regretting that I had let him go away.

But as it has gone so far, and it is necessary for us to act, it is of no use shrinking or regretting.

Ever since he had been a master-printer on his own account, he had been regretting the fact.

At every hour, he had to listen to his wife praising and regretting her first husband.

You will be regretting by now that you did not kill me too, as I invited you on that occasion.

It was the castle-building of that time that I was regretting.

The Liberal party had been regretting their loss of opportunity in 1870.

Stephen, regretting that he had begun, since a volcano might be the consequence, was obliged to go on.

We have had our time for regretting the loss of men of genius during the war.

Have you pocketed it, regretting your lapse into the unaccustomed paths of generosity?