Regulated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Regulated:

But the interference must be regulated by some theory of the individual's rights.

The depth of immersion is regulated by fixing the crank-pin.

The deluge is the flood which the great Yu regulated as minister of the Emperor Yau.

It regulated the juxtaposition of sounds and the cadence of sentences.

Married life is to be regulated solely with a view to the good of the state.

These follow next in order, and must be regulated in some way.

This cannot be eradicated, and must therefore be regulated,—the pleasure must be of the right sort.

By varying the resistance, the amount of current can be regulated.

Is not the world full of friendships that, like cab-fares, are regulated by the mile?

He was Therese's lover, but he should have regulated his behaviour in my presence.