Regulations [noun]

Definition of Regulations:

managing, organizing

Opposite/Antonyms of Regulations:

Sentence/Example of Regulations:

Your regulations say berths must be paid for one hour before train-time.

The regulations and laws of the tournament were very minute.

They had their places of worship, their own regulations and police.

In a word, the children—they are the pivot about which all regulations of marriage should turn.

They are in front, and not in the rear according to regulations.

Mr. Beckendorff is the best judge, sir, of the propriety of his own regulations.

He swung the ship to the line as Airboard regulations required.

Against the regulations of the College, he used to bring in snuff to the other scholars.

Provided they complied with the regulations, no questions were asked them.

And this lawful use of them seems likely to be often needed in the regulations of marriages and births.