Regurgitation [noun]

Definition of Regurgitation:

sickness in stomach; revulsion

Synonyms of Regurgitation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regurgitation:

Sentence/Example of Regurgitation:

As a rule we have no regurgitation and no sour babies on the three-hour schedule.

Jim smiled, a regurgitation of bitterness swelling up in his breast.

This is called feeding by "regurgitation," or "throwing up."

There came a regurgitation of physical strength—a change of blood.

When the spasm is high up, the regurgitation may follow the act of deglutition almost immediately.

Stricture presents often an additional symptom of oesophagitis, the regurgitation of mucus and food.

In some cases there is no regurgitation of food; in others, this is more or less frequent.

Mention has already been made of spasm of the oesophagus as a cause of regurgitation of food in some cases of cardiac cancer.

The stream of public opinion now sets against us; but it is about to turn, and the regurgitation will be tremendous.

Even at the tender age that must be reckoned by minutes, these young birds were fed, seemingly, by regurgitation.