Rehearsals [noun]

Definition of Rehearsals:

preparation for performance

Synonyms of Rehearsals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rehearsals:

Sentence/Example of Rehearsals:

They had a rehearsal last night, but of course I was not there.

On the previous day there was the first rehearsal of Handel's Admeto.

A rehearsal, of course, must be very different from a performance.

It was as though the other night had been a rehearsal, and as if now she knew what was coming.

When this rehearsal was over Perrin came to me; he had an affectionate and constrained air.

These USO trips, the rehearsal, the excitement of the last hour.

This musical piece had actually been put into rehearsal in 1767, when it was withdrawn.

At rehearsal he used frequently to drub his former mistress.

"We don't mince matters at rehearsal," he said with a breathless laugh.

Why the unmentionable mischief do you waste your energies, singing like that at a rehearsal?