Reheat [verb]

Definition of Reheat:

make or become hot

Synonyms of Reheat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reheat:

Sentence/Example of Reheat:

Reheat it to boiling point; strain; thicken the liquor for gravy.

Probably the iron had got too cold to finish the work, and she had been forced to reheat it.

Put this mixture through a strainer into the double boiler,124 and reheat it.

Let it boil, season with salt, rub through a sieve; reheat, and serve.

There should be about one quart of soup when done; strain, reheat, and serve.

Mix all together and boil one hour; strain, reheat, and serve.

Reheat the biscuit for a minute or two, and then deal with it.

Reheat in the beef gravy, or in hot water, adding a little butter.

Reheat in a frying-pan, adding butter and boiling water as necessary.

Reheat, add half a cupful of cracker crumbs, and serve immediately.