Reigned [noun]

Definition of Reigned:

rule, dominion

Synonyms of Reigned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reigned:

Sentence/Example of Reigned:

Yet the period of Victoria's reign will often be spoken of in history as the Gladstonian Era.

From the first to the last moment of her reign, she combined the courtesan with the assassin.

O, when will the reign of perfect charity, that "thinketh no evil," commence!

She used to reign over what they called the "Island of Mere."

Unfortunate was the commencement of my reign—unfortunate its end.

To think that happiness will reign in the world when everybody has food to eat!

And the object of all his policy, of all his labour, was to conquer so that he might reign.

To reign by the support of France since it seemed impossible to do so by the support of Germany!

It was the beginning of the end for White Fang—the ending of the old life and the reign of hate.

But since a ruler has already arisen to reign over it, what is there to keep me in this country?