Reimbursed [adjective]

Definition of Reimbursed:


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Sentence/Example of Reimbursed:

A good many of them were reimbursed for their losses by Parliament.

He also reimbursed Mowry in full for the money he had advanced to Jerry.

The school is then reimbursed for the expenditures it may have made.

In this case I think your Grace ought to see that I am reimbursed.

If they are useful to the railroads our expenditures will be reimbursed.

The object sought for is to be reimbursed the amount of the tax by a rise of prices.

He planned later that the government should be reimbursed for its outlay.

The success I had two hours later reimbursed me for this failure.

He knew that Cass had correctly concluded that in no other way was he likely to be reimbursed.

It's been pretty hard these past three days, but I am reimbursed, and that's all I ask.