Reinstated [adjective]

Definition of Reinstated:


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Sentence/Example of Reinstated:

If Garrison now had been reinstated, then the world said he was honest.

Fortune smiles on him once more and he is reinstated in his functions.

You will see that, before long, he will be back again, and reinstated in power.

I think these gentlemen have all been reinstated in their properties since the last levée.

Breakfast, followed by details of housekeeping, reinstated common-sense.

On the same day the German Cabinet at Frankfort was reinstated.

It's true he has been reinstated, but how could they fail to do that?

France has now reinstated him, say modern men—but that is the irony of fate.

They travelled abroad for some time, but in 1780 were reinstated in royal favour.

Afterwards his name disappeared, but finally was reinstated.