Reinvigoration [noun]

Definition of Reinvigoration:

the process of regaining health

Synonyms of Reinvigoration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reinvigoration:

Sentence/Example of Reinvigoration:

It was not a less weary life; he starved as miserably as before, and he began to find a means of reinvigoration in "drink."

After the amenities and regularities of the last few years, this easy life came as a rest and reinvigoration.

Food and drink and rest refresh fainting powers, and this reinvigoration is meant by "restoring my soul" or life.

Either condition prevents sound sleep and reinvigoration of the body.

Turning over his papers, he passed with a sense of reinvigoration to the matter before him.

Analyses some of the causes of the decay of the international conscience, and discusses means for its reinvigoration.

Its value is probably a reinvigoration of the vitality of the individual.