Reiterates [verb]

Definition of Reiterates:

say or do again

Synonyms of Reiterates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reiterates:

Sentence/Example of Reiterates:

“It must be his horse,” he reiterates, still continuing to listen.

Mr. Maeterlinck reiterates that it is incredible that we should not know the future.

He reiterates his determination to abide with the garrison of Khartoum. '

Ah, if he'd only have a chance, he reiterates, he'd be so careful not to get into trouble!

Elsewhere he reiterates his opinion that Crespi was mistaken.

Still Guster reiterates "one thousing seven hundred and eighty-two."

He then asserts, and reiterates, that he is of the one only clan which was allotted for her when the seven clans were established.

He does not argue—he reiterates the promise in a more definite form and with more emphatic asseveration.

One of the last letters this account contains returns to and reiterates this long-cherished idea.

Then—to pass to a higher plane—Machiavelli reiterates that, although crimes may win an empire, they do not win glory.