Rejects [verb]

Definition of Rejects:

say no to

Synonyms of Rejects:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rejects:

Sentence/Example of Rejects:

Socrates answers that this is the doctrine of Thrasymachus which he rejects.

They do not reject the greatest happiness principle, but it rejects them.

Plato not unfrequently adopts the details when he rejects the principle.

There were men and women among the Rejects who had been specialists in various fields.

The Gern commander had said the Rejects would be left on an Earth-type planet but where could it be?

He rejects opening of the head by an incision because of the danger of it.

He will not spoil both, but take what he desires most, and think no more of what he rejects.

He who lays claim to the covenant, but rejects the seal, deceives himself.

He rejects Geoffroy's theory of the vertebrate nature of Articulates.

He rejects me; all this inflames me to grasp quickly at this heart I love.