Rejuvenated [verb]

Definition of Rejuvenated:

make new again

Opposite/Antonyms of Rejuvenated:







Sentence/Example of Rejuvenated:

The guest-room furniture had been moved to her rejuvenated room.

You have rejuvenated the best blood in our veins; it is yours, it circulates only for you.

The goddess was thought to be rejuvenated by the death of the harlots.

I should surely have felt it, but for the happy meeting which has rejuvenated me.

Against that electrified and rejuvenated team, the Army didn't have a chance.

She looked quite young at that moment, rejuvenated by encounter.

That rejuvenated old dame who's granny's age if she's a day.

To-day the Alhambra is kept as a show-place, rejuvenated by the restorer.

They had roused the nation from its torpor, and had rejuvenated it.

I was in excellent spirits, elated, rejuvenated by my good luck.