Rejuvenation [noun]

Definition of Rejuvenation:


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Sentence/Example of Rejuvenation:

Steinach has not yet tried whether a third rejuvenation is possible.

Nicodemus appears to have been puzzled; he asked how such a rejuvenation was possible.

Meanwhile, Miss Ramsbotham had continued upon her course of rejuvenation.

But no one can tell me that rejuvenation is not against the laws of nature.

For the host: rejuvenation of intelligence, vicarious satisfaction.

Wouldn't the miracle take the form of the rejuvenation of that husband?

His sleep had been sound, and he felt a rejuvenation he had not experienced in many months.

Some men looked finer after rejuvenation, much finer than before.

Abolish rejuvenation, it's a blot against Man's immortal soul.

The cause of this rejuvenation was a complete change in his habits.