Related [adjective]

Definition of Related:

connected, accompanying

Opposite/Antonyms of Related:

Sentence/Example of Related:

When the soul was again led into the body, it related all that had happened to it.

Furthermore, events are related which took place after Joshua's death.

Other incidents of our long and wearisome journey need not be related.

They supped together, and related mutually all that happened since their parting.

Still, nothing is related that the writer has any reasons for distrusting.

The past, I have related as faithfully as I have been able so to do.

He was related to the American family who took Bedr from Cairo.

In a word, his despair was more easy to be conceived than related.

All these discoveries were now related to Ralph, circumstantially, and in detail.

In spite of my distrust, I was touched by this, and I related to him the whole drama of my fire.