Relatively [adverb]

Definition of Relatively:

in or by comparison

Synonyms of Relatively:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relatively:


Sentence/Example of Relatively:

The men are taller than the average, and the women, relatively, taller than the men.

First the great multitude of the weak must go, then the only relatively strong.

In reality, these are only relatively cases of acquired inversion.

It meant that though labor was relatively plentiful, much of it was unskilled.

Do not you know that relatively to the same standard all things are at once beautiful and good?

And the beautiful: can we speak of a thing as beautiful in any other way than relatively?

Suppose, further, that you were rather small and relatively defenseless.

The shelves were relatively untouched and he had a wide choice of tinned goods.

These "lymphocytoses" occur, in comparison with other leucocytoses, relatively seldom.

It was right, relatively to 1851, to say that he was a seed of a cabbage.