Relatives [noun]

Definition of Relatives:

member of a family

Synonyms of Relatives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relatives:


Sentence/Example of Relatives:

Other relatives followed, and then most of the members of Parliament.

But there over the mountains you have relatives, and you must return to them.

It is rather remarkable that so few of the letters are addressed to his own relatives.

Don't you think your relatives——Aren't you expected to go with Mildred—and Mrs. Palmer?

Perhaps you feel that a Parisian adventure mightn't please your—your relatives?

At mention of his relatives Jamie burst into another suppressed howl.

Neither the soldier's relatives nor his betrothed were allowed to see him after the disaster.

When he had run through all his money, his relatives cast him out.

Why, my name is also Dschang,” said she, “so we must be relatives!

His Indian girl decided she would go with him, as she had relatives there.