Relator [noun]

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I know but few less credulous than the relator, but he is no Sadducee.

"The policeman was a kind-hearted, sensible fellow," said the relator of the incident.

And, in fact, the record in so many words so stated, and the statement was uncontroverted by the relator.

Abraham Crist appeared for the relator, and John Greenwood for the defendant.

I will introduce him as the relator of his own story, taking some liberty, however, with the phraseology.

The story of his adventures would not make a poem like the Odyssey, it is true; but the relator had the true genius of a poet.

The credit acquired by such relations seldom pays the relator for the hazard run by the communication.

The case belonged to the equity jurisdiction, and the relator soon filed his bill.

He was one day told a story with which the relator was he the highest degree delighted.

However some may have miscarried by imprudence, or others by ill fortune, he is only the relator, not the author of them.